IHSA Group was created in 1979 with the purpose of providing health and wellness solutions of excellence. It is recognized by its most famous brand, Emergencias, but its field of action covers different areas.

From the outset, IHSA has had a leadership commitment and has aimed to be a benchmark in its field of expertise both nationally and internationally. Its growth is based on its high performance human capital, the continuous improvement of its processes and the constant development of new technologies such as Emermind, a development and technical innovation unit for the management of health and social welfare.

1979 - September

Its operations begin providing services to individual customers in Buenos Aires City.

1993 - May

Eurosalud, a comprehensive outpatient health plan, is created with own health offices.

1994 - August

It is acquired 100% equity of Medical Aid, one of its major competitors in the City of Buenos Aires.

1998 - March

The corporate name is changed to International Heath Services Argentina S.A. The S.O.S. Emergency Medical Domiciliary S.A. and AMID S.A. companies are acquired, which are leading companies, oriented to corporate clients.

2002 - January

IHSA S.A. is the first company to develop helth applied technology, developing an unique software that allowed it to improve the reception, demand and resource management processes.

2004 - June

Emerphone panic buttons service is created.

2005 - May

We win an international bid to transfer the management and applications model, Emermind, to the medical emergencies system in Cataluña, transferring the know-how and giving consultancy services

2008 - October

All brands of outpatient medicine are unified under the 'Emergencias' services umbrella.

2009 - May

Contigo is launched, a 24hs. tele-accompaniment service. The Club de las Embarazadas is born, a website that provides medical information to general public

2011 - April

Assisted Cardio Space (ECA) is created.

2014 - February

Emerphone expands, reaching Cordoba and Mar del Plata, with a new franchising and marketers policy.

2014 - November

Emergencias through its "Complex Operations Division" wins his first bid: gas pipeline in the city of Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz.

2015 - January

IHSA Group's new corporate building located on Melian Avenue, with 7 floors fully acclimated and designed for the employee comfort, offering the latest generation technology.

2015 - May

Emergencias arrives to the city of Villa Allende, Province of Córdoba and 100% of the shares of EMME are acquired.

2016 - February

Emergencias launches its services in the Province of Mendoza.



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