The IHSA Group with more than 35 years in the sector achieving the recognition of their brands, the company become a market leader outpatient services, security and consulting.

With more than 35 years, Emergencias is the leader in outpatient service company.

Currently provides coverage to 4 million people across the country, performs over 1.2 million services annually.

It offers services to individuals, businesses and health funding agencies.

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With 10 years in the market, Emerphone develops panic buttons and 24hs monitored alarms.

It offers services to families, homes, businesses, consortia, companies and corporations

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It is the first integral telecare enterprise oriented to the elderly.

It provides services to seniors that are in good condition, for those who require assistance, containment and monitoring, or periodic calls or for people with some degree of dependency that require home care.

Contigo, a company that takes care of you

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In order to meet the organization needs, ECA Space was born; trying to provide health and wellness to both its employees and the community around them.

ECA enables employees to give you the opportunity to assist anyone with first aid needs or a serious emergency, like a cardio respiratory arrest, with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, protocols and use of AED (Automated External Defibrillators).

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The new parents´ oriented portal invites them to share their concerns and experiences.

It features an interactive doctor who provides information about the desired month of pregnancy, in addition to the thousands of notes related to motherhood.

With more than 60,000 active followers it is one of the most important portals of its category.

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Reception, classification and dispatch System.
RCD is a system that was developed in-house with the aim of managing services such as emergencies, visits, transfers and others.

It is a flexible, friendly system, and it is user oriented wth a Windows look and feel.

The operation is simple and self-guided in the health care facilities, easy to learn that requires
minimum training

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It is the benefits program that the IHSA group offers its members.
Where the affiliates can enjoy discounts, offers and benefits in the best establishments in the country.
With great discounts on entertainment, restaurants and supermarkets among others categories.

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