The IHSA Group has several divisions of services, with its own objectives and the aim to achieve excellence in quality and services


Being a leader in outpatient services of Argentina the brand, ''Emergencias'' offers a very important service portfolio, with more than 500 mobiles equipped with cutting edge technology and 26 operating bases, in addition to strategically located owned medical centers.

It has a primer over 2000 specialists and laboratory and images studies.

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With more than 10 years in the market, the IHSA Group with the brand Emerphone provides protection for homes, consortia, offices and businesses through panic buttons and personal alarms monitored 24hs.

Emerphone has a monitoring station with more than 200 operators and another one of its own for contingencies. Emergencias are treated under predefined protocols developed after years of experience. However, depending on the needs of our customers, they can be adjusted and adapted as needed.

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To ensure the highest standards in the quality of our services is our mainstay, and we go about achieving that by hiring the best human resources for each task, providing ongoing training and performing field audits that allow us to prevent and adjust any deviation.

More than 2,000 patients currently receive home care, and we made 26 thousand nursing guards in 2014.

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This division coordinates transfers of individuals with motor, cognitive or mental disabilities, as well as it is intended for users with chronic pathologies who are in rehabilitation with the “ART”.

The transfers division consists of "Special Transfers" and "Health Transfers”.

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Through the brand "Contigo" an integral service is offered and provided on the containment and eldercare; with professionals, technicians and assistants that will be watching your elders 24/7 offering treatment, care and containment

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Complex Operations

This division is characterized by providing services to customers that are operating in inhospitable places, or whose activities have a degree of complexity that they need customized solutions.

Implementing and managing medical facilities in workrooms and the country. We have authorization to provide services of Occupational Medicine. We advise and work closely with the client Department of Occupational Safety and Health to  evaluate the location and needs

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The group IHSA developed the system "RCD" (Reception, Classification, and Dispatch). It is a registered system with a decision tree that allows, in 40 seconds average, to receive a call, determine the severity of the symptoms and assign the best resource available for prompt attention


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Consulting and Training

The ECA division provides consulting, performs diagnostics, trains and provides the necessary equipment to certify that a place is a "Cardio Assisted Space".

A Cardio Assisted Slace has the elements and trained personnel able to assist immediately a person in the process of a cardio-respiratory arrest.


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