Social Responsability

The IHSA Group, from its beginning, has focused on each one of its business models the business social responsibility (BSR), since the development of the country requires the support of the sector.

Social integration supporting education, awareness and sporting events, etc.

In this way we present our BSR actions of the years 2014 - 2015

Buenos Aires City Marathons, 21 K and 42 K

December 2015

We take charge of the health care of runners, organizers, and the audience, with full aid of the foundation mÑandu.

Awareness Program in First Aid and CPR

December 2015

The program is to provide the community with basic knowledge of CPR and First Aid so that they know how to manage when domestic accidents occur.

Neonatological Foundation Academic Miguel Larguía

October 2015

In October we will have a new collection for the benefit and awareness of rights of premature babies.