Complex Operations won the bid for oil reserves in La Pampa.


From November 1st during the following 3 years, the Complex Operations Division has begun to render its emergency medical services in order to assist workers who are inside the 4 oil reserves that belong to the company Pampa Energia, “Medanito La Pampa”, “Medanito Rio Negro” and “Sierra Chata y Mangrullo” in Neuquen.

Pampa Energia was created in 2009 with the aim of supplying Petrobras Argentina Power Stations and participate in the production and exploration of fossil fuels in Argentina.

The Complex Operations Division specialises in offering services to clients that operate in barren places or whose activities have such a level of complexity that need tailor-made solutions; it will provide its services with a UTIM 4x4 created and equipped to access places with difficult access and a room trailer for workers. In addition, we highlight that the company absorbed 16 employees from the outgoing company and that it will be governed by the oil agreement.

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